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Looking great!! I'm amazed how close it's to the arcade original! o0

Will there be a non-DEMO version?


Thanks for your kind words. This Flying Shark demo was written in 2012 to improve my Java skills, sorry i have no plan to finish all levels, game programming is hard and time consuming, maybe if i can get some help with graphics and/or coding, who knows?

It would also help me to know how you ran the game, emulator or real device.

Thanks for your comment!

I've installed it on my Nokia 301 Dual Sim and it run great! Too bad it was just a demo.

Also, I think I can help with the graphics (considering that the game's resolution is 240x320, so it shouldn't be too hard for me 'cause I'm kinda designer/pixel-artist myself, he-he), but the coding...sorry, not my cup of tea ^, ^

Thanks for the feedback. 240x320 is the exact same resolution of the arcade. My desire was to finish it, but this is a much bigger project. (4 phases left and the bomb power-up) you need a helping hand or do you want to walk this road alone?^^

J2ME is dead and I have no interest in finishing this project, sorry