A downloadable game

   Take control of a small car running around in a maze and pick up the twelve rings to get points and go to next level before fuel runs out. While you try to collect the rings you are chased by hostile cars that try to crash your car, so dodge them by using your smoke screen (it uses fuel, so be careful). Some roads are blocked by a rock and your fuel is limited; if fuel runs out, you lose a life.

   On the screen there is a GPS Map that shows your position (flashing green dot), the location of the hostile cars (red dots), the position of the rings (yellow dots) and the rocks (blue dots). Not shown on the map is the special flag wich gives you 2000 points. Get extra car every 10000 points.

   It is a pac-man style game but with cars and 4 way smooth scrolling screen. The difficult of the game is increased each level, by increasing enemy cars and rocks.

   X-Rally is a J2ME (Java ME) game, so you'll need a cell phone (Symbian or J2ME) or an emulator to play it.

   Tested on real hardware (Nokia): C3-00, E63, E71, E72, X2-01, 5310 XpressMusic.

Resolutions available: 320x240 and 240x320.

  If you liked it please consider making a donation and help me create more quality games. Thank you very much!


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Not so DOWNLOADABLE, I guess....?


I hope to release the game before Christmas.

Oh, so it's still up? Yay!)